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Rate this:. Make your wedding everything you want it to be on the budget youdetermine. Hands-on information for planning a stylish wedding whilesticking to your budget How to get deals on gowns, tuxes, cakes, invitations,photography, food, and more Use your creativity and friends and family to save money ondecorations, food, favors, and wedding attire Cut corners where no one will notice Set your own priorities for your big day Make your celebration unique You don't have to settle for less on your wedding day.

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Weddings — Costs. Find it at TAHQ. Library Home Page. My cousin gratefully made our cakes, my brother and mother did the music, and we wrote our vows. I completely agree with the list, except for the flowers!!! All of these negative comments of what was suggested.

Budget Weddings For Dummies

As a mom of two young women in their twenties and will soon be having two weddings, I appreciate these thoughts. And seriously the invitations get thrown out!! NO ONE saves them! Its a waste of paper so do a tree a favor and cut back on the invitation nonsense. Keep it simple. We get it. I never understood women who spent thousands on a dress. Whats the point? We will take bets at the classy beer pong table and proceeds benefit the sanctuary. It may look pretty for a few hours, but no one will remember what it looked like, their memories of what they did and who they saw is what they ALWAYS remember!

Aww you poor bribes in the comment section! One thing may matter to an individual where that same thing may be on the bottom of the list for someone else. I love details. Some others may not. I look forward to pretty invitations and well set tables. Everyone took an arrangement home. Our first dance was a song played on the piano by my husbands sister who has been playing piano for the past 12 years, so that was another unique thing we had that guests enjoyed. Most the other stuff on this list, I do agree no one really cared about.


It really depends on the venue and the type of wedding you have I think as far as how popular certain parts of the wedding will be honestly, every wedding is different. The last wedding we went to, the bride and groom spent 2 years on Pinterest planning every small detail. I saw the cake for a whole 5 minutes and never even knew what happened to it once they cut it and took it away.

There was too much food, although good, everyone was so full that no one touched the dessert bar and candy bar. Wedding favors?

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Tacky and insulting! As a wedding professional, I have one comment. The point a lot of people are missing is that brides tend to do things in a wedding to impress their guests. For all the women disagreeing with this article, ask yourself, why did you do what you did at your wedding? Was it because you innately wanted to do it, or was it because you wanted to impress guests?

I am a guy, married for ten years, personally involved in 12 weddings, and been to at least 20 more.

WEDDING HACKS - How To Get Married for UNDER $1000!

This list is spot on, if you are trying to impress someone. If you really want to do it because you really want to, go for it. If you, as the bride and groom, want these things, then by all means have them. I, for one, toss your favor in the trash as soon as I get home unless I can eat it. What I DO remember is that we were shoved outside in the middle of August in Oklahoma for an hour while they reset the room and was miserable in the heat, the guest book because sadly nobody expected them to be together long enough for the advice to be taken, and that they ran out of food early.

I love that this article has stirred up so much controversy. Hopefully it will make some folks question what they want. I am getting married again at age 55, and my fiance is A dear friend just sent me a note that expressed the same sentiments. She has been happily married for 18 years and a very smart cookie. The whole point is to actually take the time to consider what really matters to you both.

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We have both waited a long time for a soulmate connection and he wants to shout it from the rooftops. People are coming from all over the country. So, we are planning a very personal ceremony on a mountaintop followed by a kick butt reception at a really pretty and inexpensive rec center. When did it become so expected that a small fortune has to be sacrificed for this event? It feels a lot like the commercialization of Christmas. I think the party is for us AND our guests. Not everyone wants to diy their wedding, but I sure do. It gives me joy and satisfaction. My dress is from a consignment store.

It was the first and only dress I tried on. We used Vista Prints to make invitations using our photo for 39 cents a piece on a special sale! A friend has volunteered to coordinate for the day of…. And so on, and so on. We will spend on good food, music, drinks and photographer. I have no doubts that it will be an amazing day without breaking the bank.

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This list was good for a laugh. I especially enjoyed reading the part the guests apparently care about the ceremony. In my experience the ceremony usually has less than half the amount of people that turn up at the reception which I find ao rude and insulting. I love this list! If you have the money to spare, go ahead and spend a fortune on all the elaborate details.