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Tabata further elaborated that it "felt that it was important in communicating [the party's] development and wanting to express it in a way that we only can with the current generation of consoles. They also designed Noctis' features so they would hold similarities to Regis, reflecting the game's theme of the father-son relationship. While the game changed names, platforms and eventually directors, Nomura worked with new director Hajime Tabata to ensure that Noctis remained as unchanged as possible in the final product.

The main goal was to make Noctis appear more realistic: his skin texture was enhanced and subtleties added to its depiction and the effect of different lighting on it, in addition to adding elements such as subtle birthmarks and skin blotches.

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One of the major goals was keeping the same character impression while making adjustments and enhancements, as series fans already had a concept of who the character was. His hair's shadow effects needed to be adjusted after the upgrade in technology so they did not cast too much shade on his face, but the hairstyle itself was kept consistent. The technique was originally used for the characters in the engine's tech demo Agni's Philosophy. The character's clothing was designed by Hiromu Takahara, the main designer at Japanese fashion house Roen. In addition, Takahara designed the outfit along the same lines as the asymmetric designs common to Roen's clothing lines.

As this would not have worked from a gameplay standpoint, the team engineered it so Noctis' companions could share Noctis' magic abilities.

Instead, Nomura wanted to create a realistic character type not seen in the Final Fantasy series before. Because of this, he was wary about him as he was so new to the series that he might fall "out of bounds". Whereas previous protagonists did not have strong personalities to avoid interfering with player empathy, Nomura wanted Noctis to have "an overabundance of idiosyncrasy ", which was one of the ways he would leave an impression on the player.

He thought that these qualities would match the game's themes very well. According to Tabata, Noctis' cool mannerisms and reserved exterior stem from his lonely childhood, in addition to a fear of losing those closest to him. His words and actions stem from a fear of disappointing those around him, causing him to work to both fulfill expectations and bring people happiness as a result. This part of his story influenced aspects of his appearance. When the change was made to Final Fantasy XV , Suzuki worked with the production team to create a new persona for the character, who became more outgoing and emotional.

This resulted in Noctis' English version being noticeably different from the Japanese. He was initially shocked when he received the call that he would be voicing Noctis. English voice work was included for Episode Duscae , but it was cut close in terms of production scheduling. During the ROM checking stage, Tabata saw that the performance was wrong for the character, a feeling reflected in player feedback after the demo's release.

As it was too late to re-record, the performance was carried into the demo. Tabata commented that the original performance made the character sound too old, comparing it to Batman.

After release, the voice work was redone to show the character's youth and charm, along with his "sense of ennui ". After putting together a demo reel of Chase performing a variety of lines, Tabata listened and picked the one he thought best suited for the character. The most emotional part of the original recording for Chase was Noctis's final farewell to his comrades during a post-credit scene, which for Chase also symbolized saying goodbye to the localization team. A piece of late-game dialogue that needed re-recording was during Noctis's scene on the throne of Lucis at the end of the game; Noctis initially sounded on the point of tears, but the performance was redone to emphasise his resolve.

Video games publications have commented on Noctis' character. However, she found Noctis was nicer but had a heavy burden that made him look cold. Nguyen praised the way Noctis became friends with the other characters. In an early preview of the game's demo Episode Duscae , GameSpot 's Alexa Ray Corriae praised the interactions between Noctis and his companions, citing them as a good example of deep platonic love between men. Square Enix producer Shinji Hashimoto found it comical and motivated fans to produce more in order to increase people's interest in Final Fantasy XV.

Following the game's release, Dustin Bailey from Anime News Network praised the interactions between Noctis and his friends, commenting on "Noctis' brooding silence" to the point some scenes felt realistic. However, despite also agreeing with Bailey, Carter commented on the reason of how overpowered is Noctis which seemed "hokey".

However, the reviewer found Noctis' characterization in Final Fantasy XV ' s actual title more enjoyable than in the previous trailers.

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Patterson praised how the character grew up alongside his adult design. Noctis' inclusion in the fighting game Tekken 7 as downloadable content earned multiple reactions. Rock, Paper, Shotgun found him fitting based on Noctis' and the rest of the cast's skills, and joked about his relationship with Tekken character Lars.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Behind the Voice Actors. Retrieved Final Fantasy XV. Scene: Closing credits. Weekly Famitsu. Enterbrain : 11ff. Square Enix. Piggyback Interactive.

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Content: Bestiary Size: 0. The information they contain includes the data offered by the in-game Enemy Intel files, but with many additions and revelations that the game itself does not divulge.

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Content: The entire sample page pack. Content: Quickstart Guide Structure. Content: Walkthrough User Instructions. Content: Walkthrough Chapter These sample pages offer indispensable insights into the development of Vanille, with diagrams offering a general indication of her relative strength in all six roles. The Inventory chapter provides complete object lists and statistics, including item information that is normally hidden from the player.