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Realizing he had walked into a trap, Bronk resigns himself to his new fate. However before any further action is able to be taken, the clones find themselves under assault. The Young Father appears and quickly dispatches the troopers with the janitor's left-behind equipment.

The Kedorzhan thanks him for the rescue but then laments about his future and how he will have to standby as such injustices continue to occur in order to flush him out. The Young Father responds, stating that the senator has options other than running for the rest of his life.

By retuning to Coruscant and pretending to support the Empire, the kindly human says the senator will be able to help a greater number a people than he could in hiding. The two then part ways, with Bronk deciding to return to Coruscant and the human and his infant continuing on to the Outer Rim. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.

Clone Wars Mentioned only. Coruscant Mentioned only Unidentified green-skied planet First appearance. Aboard the ship, Bronk witnesses a pair of Devaronian youths harassing and attempting to rob an elderly Twi'lek woman.

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Desiring to speaks up to stop them, the senator only manages a whisper because drawing attention to himself could blow his cover. The Devaronians continue harassing the Twi'lek until they are stopped by an individual Bronk terms the Young Father. The human male carrying an infant suggests to the youths that they do not want to bother the Twi'lek. To Bronk's surprise, the thugs readily agree and depart.

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After the situation is diffused, Bronk chats briefly with the human, informing him that the baby is likely crying due to hunger. Once the transport arrives at its destination, both Bronk and the Young Father disembark to transfer to a new ship destined for the Outer Rim.

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Bronk comes across an Ortolan janitor being physically harassed by a pair of clone troopers on his way to the landing pad for the next transport. Unable to standby while an innocent is being threatened, Bronk calls out to the clones demanding they to cease their harassment of the janitor.

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Failing to gain their attention with his words, the diminutive Kedorzhan strikes one of the troopers in the shin with his bag of belongings and repeats his message. Turning around and releasing the Ortolan, the clones call the senator's name and arrest him under the Emperor's authority.

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