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The first shelf has one book, the second shelf has two, and the third has three books.

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The books consist of two grammar books- one in Farsi and one in Hausa F, H ; two monographs — about phonology, and semantics P, S ; and the remaining two books are novels — one written by Vonnegut, and the other by Woolf V, W. This is a grouping game. I love those games.

Games like this are now rare, and up front deductions are less common. But the skills involved in making this up front deduction still directly apply to the questions newer games ask. Most questions on newer games will give you a single new rule that allows you to make a series of deductions like this. Next, you should draw the variables.

This is important whenever variables are split into groups. Now, I said something about splitting the game into three scenarios.

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V, P and S must all be kept separate. So there is one for each group. It looks like this:. You may find it tough to see this type of deduction during a game. The trick is to look for rules that mention the same variable. Rules 2 and 3 both mention monographs. V, S and P must always be keep separate. This is the cardinal rule of this game. If you remember it, the game is easy. Study schedules, Logic Games solutions, a Readiness Checklist, and more, all free, and all designed to help you get the most from your prep time and your study efforts. Logic Games Diagrams New! For every game from PrepTests Questions by Type Tool Available as online tables and downloadable booklet.

Notebook Pages A clean and tidy way to plan and track your studies. Readiness Checklist Helps to ensure that you've covered all of your bases. This book is as concise and to-the-point as they come. The instruction is always clear and meaningful.

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This work is phenomenal, I credit it for my … and I unconditionally recommend it to every single person studying for the LSAT. A truly remarkable self-study guide… Not only does Mike Kim make it easy to learn, he makes it fun.

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It very clearly and simply explains the different sections, but differently than others. It doesn't teach you tips and tricks, but rather how to think. About Mike Kim. Study Guide.

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Student Resources. Study Schedules. Logic Game Diagrams. The conversion process is done by using a statistical procedure called equating. Equating adjusts for the differences in difficulty between different LSAT tests. The Scaled Scores below converted from the raw score are approximate, for your exact scaled score refer to the scoring page of the LSAT you are scoring.

A percentile rank is also reported for each LSAT score, reflecting the percentage of candidates scoring below your reported test score.

LSAT Prep Test 37 Logic Game 1 (June 2002) school four dormitories richards - 7Sage

Your percentile rank tells you the percentage of scaled scores in the last three years that your score beats. The Percentile Scores below are the scores for the period from June, to February