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Generation X knows. The past few weeks teach us some facts about the social psychology of sexism. How postmodernist skepticism and relativism in psychiatry has seeped into politics.

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We were different; but we were both psychiatrists, with the same teachers. Thoughts on the suicides of Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade. Why did Thomas Szasz reject the idea of mental illness?

Why was he wrong when right, and sometimes just dangerously wrong? Trump won despite the repeated critique that he wasn't fit to be president because of narcissistic temperament. This critique was wrong, psychologically and politically. Here's why.

Beyond pejoratives terms to scientifically based concepts. Robin Williams' suicide wasn't about "depression. A suicide, a daily tragedy, a mother's efforts, a system's failure, a culture's complicity.

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  7. Why have there been three suicides in recent months in Newton, Massachusetts, a town with one of the highest per capita rate of mental health professionals? The anti-childhood bipolar ideology is alive and well throughout the world. A report from England. On the anniversary of President John Kennedy's assassination, we might reflect on Martin Luther King's reaction and what the loss of both men mean to us today.

    Life and sports sometimes intersect, as I learned from an old friend after the World Series. Is an "adjustment disorder" a legitimate reason to be not guilty of a crime? Critics make fun of psychiatry for making diagnoses when symptoms are "obviously" due to life events, to stresses in life.

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    This obviousness is based on common sense, which is always wrong as soon as a person crosses the threshold of a mental health clinician's office. The greatest psychiatrists know how to prescribe medications humanely. Here was a master. Finally, the "pragmatic" cynics about science who have led DSM editions are being challenged, as are the anti-biology critics of psychiatry. It is the beginning of the end of two generations of futility in psychiatric progress.

    Mood Disorders: A Practical Guide

    Remembering a teacher who complained about how little we could learn. Is bipolar disorder overdiagnosed in kids if we go from never diagnosing it to hardly ever diagnosing it? Some bipolar meds are quite useful; others are harmful.


    Let's use science to make these judgments; wishing doesn't make illness go away. Your child isnt bipolar until he experiences puberty, critics say. But puberty isnt the sole cause of mania. A lot of "pragmatism" is no better than a bunch of it. Hating bipolar disorder and loving Ritalin doesn't make sense scientifically.

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    Mood Disorders: A Practical Guide

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