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Political ethics -- United States. Civil service ethics -- United States. Conflict of law -- Congresses. Executive departments -- United States.

Added Author:. Hafken, Michael. PSZ JB. Summary In , President John F. Choice Review Mackenzie Colby College examines the evolution and effectiveness of ethics regulations for federal government employees. Preface p. Select a list.

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Please try again. The law was aimed at restoring the confidence of the American people in government following the Watergate Scandal of However, over-regulation of ethical standards in his view has done little to address the misbehaviour characteristic of the Watergate Scandal. Instead it has had the hidden cost of further tightening the regulatory net of enforcement so much so, that the end result is a diminished pool of individuals for presidential appointments and a reduction in the implementation of public mandates.

Each new ethical regulation has merely served to create an enclave of special prosecutors who are dedicated to the investigation and prosecution of possible violators, the costs of which are increasingly measured in agency growth and workload, and not necessarily in reduced cases of corruption.

Harper, Serial Abuser of Power: The Evidence Compiled

So that in his view, the accumulation of ethical regulations did not improve the level of government integrity, given that government cannot be made scandal-proof. All of the above are obviously relevant, and in small states like ours, where we experience a problem of critical mass, they clearly give cause for pause.

The scenario painted above may well be the case in the United States where for sure there exists a plethora of ethics rules and regulations. But in so far as the Commonwealth Caribbean is concerned, what citizens have been calling for is a basic law on integrity in public life, which to date Barbados has failed to implement, although the Prevention Of Corruption Bill addresses the issue.

What are codes of conduct and ethics driving integrity in public life designed to do? Where they exist in the Commonwealth Caribbean, they are intended to monitor the liabilities and income of members of the House of Assembly or National Assembly, parliamentary secretaries and chief technical officers. Under the act, a person in public life is not limited to the parliamentarian but is also extended to judges and magistrates appointed by the Judicial and Legal Services Commission and members of boards of all statutory bodies and state enterprises, including those bodies in which the state has a controlling interest.

The act also identified a number of offences and empowered the Integrity Commission to investigate persons coming within its ambit either on its own initiative, or on the basis of a complaint made by a member of the public.

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You may well ask why the public? And why include judges and magistrates?

How to Scandal-Proof Your Company

The fact is that some of the responsibility for exercising moral accountability, as well as political the latter will be addressed in due course , applies to citizens, civil-based associations, the mass media, and opposition political parties. In relation to judges and magistrates, as custodians of the legal and judicial system, they find themselves in a vulnerable position and are not immune to bribes and other pressures but that is for yet another article. Your email address will not be published.

Impotent oversight

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