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What Shanghai can teach us about teaching math - The Globe and Mail

He suggested that the curriculum should be set up for all students. More than 70 books are included in the two series that Mr.

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Zheng Jiancun being chef editor, there are many cases can be used as references, all collected from technical curriculum of famous schools, package in to project, easy to implement. Zheng Jianchun indicate that there are reasons for promoting Maker education in the form of competitions. Because there is a general lack of teachers in primary and secondary schools everywhere, it is indeed difficult to have courses in every school.

I think it is also necessary to improve the training mechanism for relevant teachers, strengthen exchanges between teachers, and to improve the professional level of teachers.

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Well, what makes the course more interesting? Tip 2: Use Self-made game program to help children finish the course.

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Microsoft who brings cutting edge computer science and computational thinking education resources to China, also introduced their curriculum, which can fit for different teaching environments and combined fun and education. For example, Kudo visual programming game lab. It allow kids to team-up, design and program the game, and export to demonstration.

For kids that like game, they can make game by learning programming. How attractive will it be for kids! How to carry out programming enlightenment education?

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Programming, what is it for younger children? Matatalab, which developed the Mata children's programming robot, believes that the principles of early childhood programming education need to be based on the game scenario, with the physical learning tools as the carrier, following the cognitive development characteristics of children from figurative to abstract; Since younger children have no reading experience, programming activities should avoid relying on text and abstract symbols, and use graphics, colors, sounds, etc. Early childhood programming education focuses on the development of computational thinking and problem-solving skills in order to be align with programming education in any language of higher age.

Learning to program, and then learning by programming, is like learning to read and then learning by reading. At the event, Ms.

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This school is the forerunner of the reform of the public education system in US. It breaks the interdisciplinary education system with bold education, adopts an interdisciplinary project-based learning method, emphasizes the leading role of students in the learning process, and emphasizes the connection between classroom and real life.

From the practice of this school, we can learn that the burden of course designing on teachers can be off loaded by letting students to drive themselves to study by inspire their internal drive.

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Tip 5: Complete the course by adding art element and enrich expression. Opened in as the first independent international school in Shanghai, the school has grown exponentially over the years, opening its fifth campus at the end of the last academic year. In , the Mayor of Shanghai, Huang Ju, invited Yew Chung to open the first privately operated international school in the city to serve the growing number of international families moving to Shanghai.

What Shanghai can teach us about teaching math

All Kindergarten and Primary classrooms at YCIS have both a fully-qualified international teacher and a fully-qualified Chinese teacher, who share the educational responsibilities for the children in their care. This model is now recognized by educators worldwide, and helps distinguish its students in a globally competitive environment.

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On a day of reflecting on how far Yew Chung and Yew Wah have come over the past 86 years, and the impact of YCIS Shanghai in its first quarter of a century, Dr Chan inspired the audience with her pioneering vision and dedication to her mission of providing world-leading education, giving them an exciting look into the future of an organization that will forge ahead and continue to shape the minds of generations to come. Summer camp for kids celebrates traditional arts. Future tycoons visit Shanghai.