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Proprietary agglomerate grain technology. Improves efficiency with eliminated steps! RF: Regular Flex — cloth back: portable and narrow belts, quick-change discs, rolls, and. XF: Extra Flexible — cloth back: file belts, pump sleeves, rolls. LF Case Study. Finishing of thrust reverser door panel. Aerospace-grade aluminum. Current Machine. Pneumatic grinder.

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Norton Product. Test Machine. Pneumatic in-line expanding drum.

Rapid Prep belt benefits:. Increased cut MRR. Improved surface finish. Decreased cycle time from. Convolute Wheels. Burr removal. Finishing in Centreless applications.

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Surface roughness reduction. Edge radius. Weld polishing. Valve Stem Finishing. Shock Absorber.

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Specific Application Description: -. To improved surface finish value on the Fork. Product : Rapid Finish wheels. Size of Wheels : xx Wheel dimension may varies based on the. Connecting Rods. Deburring of edges. ID respectively. Deburring of the face. Cleaning operations. Rapid Family success in Welding Market.

Marine industry outer hull. Removing scale,. Weld spatter aka slag. An alternate to sand blasting. Basics Of. What Are Coated Abrasives? Natural or synthetic abrasive. Typical coated abrasive cross section.

Abrasive Mineral. Coating Substrate. Components of Coated Products. Backing supports or provides the foundation for the. The adhesive bond holds the abrasive grain in place on the. The abrasive grain forms the cutting edge to grind or polish.

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Each grain in turn has a number of cutting edges. Engineered Composites. Cutting edges. Clearance for chips. Types of Backings. Vulcanised Fibre.

Wide Mesh Cloth - Screen. Polyester film. Common Cloth Backings. X wt Cotton Grey Cloth 1 x 1 Weave.

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J wt Cotton Grey Cloth 1 x 1 Weave. Y wt Cotton Grey Cloth 1 x 1 Weave. Backings — A Summary. Abrasive Grains. Abrasive grains used in coated abrasives can be broken. Garnet almandite. Emery corundum. Crocus iron oxide. Zirconia alumina. Ceramic aluminum. Abrasive Grain Characteristics. Shape of Abrasives.