e-book The Human Factor: Revolutionizing the Way People Live with Technology

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Malong Technologies is an artificial intelligence AI company on a mission to help its enterprise customers transform using AI to achieve higher efficiency, quality and safety by creating machines that can "see" physical objects such as products — just like a person can.

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Being able to share solar electricity peer-to-peer, changes the economics of energy access fundamentally. It also empowers communities. ME SOLshare provides peer-to-peer solar energy trading platforms and pay-as-you-go solutions to low-income households seeking rural electrification and empowerment.

SOLshare, a pioneer in the microenergy transition model, connects solar home systems SHS and empowers users to earn a direct income from the sun. We are excited by our vision of lower financial barriers to entry for aspiring asset managers, greater financial independence for society's savers, and the provision of a safe and secure platform to further the adoption of a nascent asset class. Melonport's software allows for technology regulated fund structures and investment products to be built and managed easily, cheaply and securely on blockchain.

It allows for the rules of investment funds to be coded into smart-contracts and enforced by blockchain technology, providing full transparency, and clearer and immediate reporting standards to investors and regulators. We are entering the new material age of biofabrication. Modern Meadow is a biotech company that is pioneering biologically advanced materials. Modern Meadow's biofabrication method yields a consistent bio-based material from a process that is fast, clean and versatile.

The material has none of the defects found in traditional hides, resulting in significantly reduced waste for manufacturers. My Crop is a technology-empowered agriculture platform helping farmers by using machine learning for real-time farmer decision support and recommendations across the crop life cycle.

It helps farmers reduce the costs of cultivation by using good agricultural practices and information customized for each farmer. The platform also brings different stakeholders in the agriculture ecosystem together to further enhance the industry. Link rot is the externality of rapid internet growth - our generation has the unique opportunity to build a sustainable digital future.

Narrativ is building renewable link technology to sustain an independent and profitable media ecosystem.

The Human Factor: Revolutionizing the Way People Live with Technology

The platform will shape the future of digital media by providing greater balance across the global online advertising value chain through diversification in spending and by improving the quality of digital content links and resulting networks. Narrativ's technology rewires publisher content to unlock the economic value behind links, avoids monopolistic dynamics within advertising, and improves the quality and economic viability of third-party referenced digital content.

We help enterprises tell stories from their data. By automatically transforming data into insightful, human-sounding language, our technology allows organizations to make better decisions and focus talent on higher-value opportunities. Narrative Science is a leader in natural language generation NLG for enterprises. Quill, its NLG platform, learns and writes like a person, automatically transforming data into intelligent narratives — insightful, conversational communication full of audience-relevant information that provides complete transparency into how analytic decisions are made.

Its clients are using intelligent narratives to make better business decisions, focus talent on higher value opportunities, and improve communications with their customers. The OnlinePajak vision will remain the same, to contribute for a better Indonesia through the enhancement of tax revenues by building efficiencies and trust: we are simplifying tax management through our free single-platform solution. OnlinePajak provides a platform to reduce the compliance burden of Indonesian taxpayers and to increase tax collection by simplifying the system, making it more transparent.

This is done via a single platform to prepare, pay and file taxes online, and includes a set of premium features, such as invoicing and payroll for companies. We believe that SME finance is not just about capital. It is about creating an ethical ecosystem to promote growth, diversity and real generational wealth for all African entrepreneurs. Ovamba provides short-term capital to micro, small and medium-sized businesses in Africa, emerging markets and Gulf Cooperation Council GCC countries, helping them increase trade, buy inventory and enhance growth.

By promoting growth, increasing literacy and funding the informal sector, Ovamba has created a transparent gateway for institutional investors seeking returns from Africa's high-growth sectors. Driver assistive truck platooning is a technology that directly impacts two of the largest expenses in trucking; fuel and collision expenses. Peloton is an automated vehicle technology company focused on the commercial deployment of driver-assistive truck platooning.

With the Peloton PlatoonPro system, trucks are connected using direct vehicle-to-vehicle V2V communications, which allows the rear truck to react immediately to the actions of the front truck. By electronically coupling the trucks in this way, they accelerate and brake together and can safely operate at closer distances to form a platoon. A software infrastructure provider enabling artificial intelligence AI for enterprises. Artificial intelligence must become accessible and sustainable to benefit society. Petuum transforms how AI augments enterprises across industries by making the nuts and bolts for AI builders, providing customizable machine learning solutions on any data, for institutions of all sizes.

Petuum is on a mission to democratize the ownership and use of artificial intelligence AI systems by turning AI infrastructure and machine learning technology into a product. The Petuum system allows users to access AI technology as a finished product that is plug-and-play on any computing hardware, ingesting raw data and generating actionable solutions. These solutions include visual and textual content understanding, anomaly detection, predictive analytics, and decision-making optimization.

The Petuum system aims to lower the barrier to AI adoption.

The Human Factor: Revolutionizing the Way People Live with Technology

We are a service company, providing technology solutions by Saas Software as a Service. Our team has great expertise in the solid waste, recycling and reverse engineering materials market. We are also experts in innovative technology solutions for waste management tools. Plataforma Verde is a closed environmental management network that ensures traceability in waste management. Its waste management information screening and validation processes are based on a private blockchain where the information inserted by a company that generates waste is verified and confirmed by the other entities in the disposal chain, including the transporter, and by the final destination in the case of a landfill.

Just minutes from people rather than weeks, Plenty's indoor farms grow clean, delicious, nutritious fruits and vegetables year-round. The world has run out of land to economically grow produce and this new way is vital to human and planet health. These field-scale indoor farms combine the best in American agriculture and crop science with machine learning, internet of things, big data, climate creation technology and top-quality seed stock. Plenty is based in San Francisco. We envision the industry completing the digital transformation.

The change is incremental. Initially, traditional industry has to gain trust in the digital solutions, but eventually, most of the failures will be predicted saving casualties, money, and environmental damage. Precognize is predictive maintenance software for the process industry, including chemicals, petrochemicals, oil and gas, and metallurgy. It detects failures days to weeks in advance and provides early, accurate and reliable alerts several times a week.

Precognize helps prevent shutdowns, lowers downtime to a minimum, and saves on maintenance costs. Precognize analyses existing plant data, then applies advanced machine learning and builds a model of the plant's structure and behaviour based on the knowledge of experts at the plant. By building machines that read and write, Primer is automating the generation of a base layer of human knowledge that updates itself as the world changes. This technology can help teach us and reduce the cost of human curiosity.

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Primer is an artificial intelligence company that uses machine learning and natural language processing to automate the analysis of large datasets. The company builds systems that read and write in English, Chinese and Russian. With Primer, people have more time and capacity to be more curious, uncover new connections, draw conclusions and make decisions.

An online platform providing bioinformatic analysis of genome sequencing

Hiring is broken. Pymetrics is reinventing the process by applying neuroscience games and audited AI to predict the right person for the job, while leveling the playing field for everyone. Pymetrics leads 21st century hiring by using neuroscience games and bias-free artificial intelligence AI to predictively match people with jobs where they will perform at the highest levels.

Through 20 minutes of game play, Pymetrics assesses candidates based on their potential — their inherent cognitive and emotional make-up — rather than their pedigree or resume.

[PDF.79lh] The Human Factor: Revolutionizing the Way People Live with Technology

Pymetrics powers hiring for over 50 enterprises worldwide. Its predictive hiring technology ensures algorithms are bias-free, thus democratizing and diversifying hiring process. Safeguarding our most valuable resource, information, has never been more critical. QuintessenceLabs harnesses the power of deep quantum science, making the strongest data security accessible to enterprises and government agencies. QuintessenceLabs spearheads the commercial development of quantum-based cybersecurity solutions to address information security challenges.

QuintessenceLabs delivers high-value security and information assurance offerings, including a true random number generator, enabling the strongest possible encryption keys. Foundational solutions such as advanced cryptographic keys and policy management are further strengthened by the power of its quantum innovation.

These solutions enable the strongest data protection, even in the event of a security breach. Raycatch utilizes data on a prescriptive analytics Software-as-a-Service platform to drive the solar energy market. Raycatch sells a software application that allows remote and automatic detection and performance mapping of PV photovoltaic solar projects of any size. The application enhances the capability of owners and operators to yield more energy from their existing projects and to do it with less expenditure. The software helps bring such rare and expensive expertise to all PV plants - residential, commercial, industrial and utilities.

Seismic will reshape human experience and improve quality of life, through clothing infused with strength and power moving in harmony with the wearer, while maintaining our relationship with clothing in terms of comfort, aesthetic, and emotion. Seismic is introducing powered clothing, connected apparel that adds intelligent wearable strength to muscles and joints, enabling everyone — from seniors, to workers, to people with a wide range of physical disabilities — to move beyond limitations and achieve their full physical potential.

Imagine a world where we use data to catch criminals at the scene of crime, re-route cars in real-time to prevent traffic congestion, predict if a child will drop out of school before even she knows it, and truly improve the lives of billions.