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With images as whimsical as wings and feathers, Leslye Walton has created a fantasy that explores the many ways we capture love … or perhaps how love captures us. Each story is a flowing river of images and interactions. Or shall I wrap my heart in an invincible cage? Ah, what might be the price of allowing love to make one vulnerable? We follow a family of women with whom love is squandered by one, but by another, held onto so tightly that her heart nearly suffocates.


One daughter is blind to true love, watching patiently in the shadows, waiting. Another daughter is so afraid to love that she gradually fades into blue ashes.

The daughter of another generation falls slowly and deeply in love with a childhood friend. But she is betrayed. How long does one wait for love to return and stay blind to another one who stands nearby and is so ready to love with loyalty?

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An added delight while reading this book are the sensual images that spin a world of delicious sights, sounds, and tastes. It smelled like late nights spent pointing constellations out from their starry guises, freshly washed laundry drying outside on the line, like barbecues and stolen kisses in a Ford Coupe. Thank you, Leslye —. Follow this celebration of Morris — first YA novels — on the continued blog tour.

The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender (Hardcover)

I loved this so much! I honestly could smell the bread baking and my mouth watered when the story was in the bakery area. It reminded me of a previous favorite author of mine before she turned on readers. I missed this kind of magical story. It's the story of an entire family. I think some people have gone into this book expecting a book about the "girl born The writing in this book is absolutely amazing. I think some people have gone into this book expecting a book about the "girl born with wings" and it is that somewhat. The whole story does not center on Ava Lavender.

I think this gives the reader a chance to really know these wonderful characters. Characters that are afraid to love because of previous hurts and heartaches, characters that come to life under Leslye Walton's talented hand.

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View all 21 comments. Ava Lavender was born in and in , and after years or research of her past and her family tree, Ava shares with us her findings and the answers to the two question that have always haunted her. The questions that were born the moment she was born with wings. I fell in love with it right away. I was laughing one moment and shuddering the next only to laugh at the very next moment that is, until only a couple of chapters in-then it got bittersweet. Did anyone else felt like that?

It was magical really. I went into this expecting a sweet YA contemporary with maybe a love interest I go in blind usually and was instead greeted by something much better, something homely, something weird, something sweet and bitter, something that made me smile but had me reaching for tissues more often that I thought possible though this music might have something to add to it since it was just perfect with every page and scene: Your Hand In Mine Goodbye. I never expected to develop such an amazing connection with this book. I rooted for so many characters and never completely lost a single one that I loved.

The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender - Leslye Walton - Häftad () | Bokus

I loved the diversity of the characters and the plot. I read the prologue again after finishing this. And why did Fatima stay and only leave in the end? I wanted good for Jack even in the end, but I know he got enough. I loved him so much, and Rowe. I wondered why Ava said that being considered an angel was a misfortune for her and only in the end did I realise why. I came to love all three of them: Ava, Viviane, and Emilienne.

I also liked Henry though I wish he had used some more words before the rain. I think we never really got the answer to the question: Where did this strangeness come into this family? I wanted to know. A day has passed since I wrote the above and the following, but there is a question or two haunting me which weren't answered. I'm gonna go write them in the last chapter's spoiler.

I went in blind so this is very good. I had to check, since she was so different, I wondered if she was also immortal or something. Why was being called an angel a misfortune? I felt extremely sad for Beauregard Roux. He died and no one found out, and everyone thought he ran away. Was she simply getting weaker and dying?

The family was strange indeed. And I was just so shocked at what Margaux did. Did she do it because she felt guilty for being with Lush?

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I think I liked their father the most. Because her sister killed herself and she lost most of her family? Yeah, I guess. Whatever happened to Pierette? Was she the little canary? And if yes, then her mother actually disappeared slowly? I should have read the synopsis, or better yet, it should have been made clear!

This is getting scary. They were always there. This sent some goosebumps my way. Half-way through the chapter I felt like crying Damn, everyone is dying or suffering! And I have a soft track playing in the background which is just amplifying the effect. I felt for Emilienne and her haunted life and her broken and suppressed heart.

I wish she could have loved Conner, but then he died too and I realized she would have been more broke if she did open up her heart. In a way, I think she did. I wish somethings were more explained though. I liked Jack until I realized he was a Griffith. I like how smoothly the story moved the focus from Emilienne to Viviane.

I hate what Jack is feeling because of him. Probably always will be. Oh, so little. I love them both, they are my favourite characters so far. But I think it can always work if both are consistent and determined to keep the relationship going. Guess he did find girls after all.