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The doctrine of the Trinity: its emergence and development in the life of the Christian community; 4.

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Theology of the Trinity from Richard of St Victor to the reformation; 5. The Trinity from Schleiermacher to the end of the twentieth century; 6. Contemporary Trinitarian theology: problems and perspectives; Epilogue; Index. Sample Subject Searches.

Trinity -- History of doctrines. From Yahweh to God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit ; Toward the clear affirmation of the equality and the consubstantiality of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit as one single divine nature in three distinct persons. What are they saying about the Trinity? Nicaea and its legacy: an approach to fourth-century Trinitarian theology by Lewis Ayres Ayres argues that a conception of God's mysteriousness and spiritual progress towards understanding is central to that doctrine.

He also proposes that modern theologies of the Trinity fail to appreciate the depth and power of Nicene trinitarianism. The one, the many, and the Trinity : Joseph A. Trinity and truth by Bruce Marshall Marshall proposes that the Christian community's identification of God as the Trinity serves as the key to deep theological questions. But do we understand how it should guide our theology and ministry?

Guides to Theology: The Trinity by Roger E. Olson and Christopher A. Hall (2002, Paperback)

The book is meant to retrieve this crucial Christian doctrine and help it guide us once again. One of the ways the Trinity guides is by promoting the health and balance of Christian theology, which we explored earlier this week.

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Read it to help you better understand how the Trinity summarizes the biblical Story. The easiest angle of approach to the Trinity begins with a straightforward reading of the Gospels as rather obviously the story of three special characters: Jesus Christ; the Father, who sent him and who is constantly present in his conversation and actions; and then, rather less clearly, the Holy Spirit, who seems simultaneously to precede Christ, accompany Christ, and follow Christ.

There are many other characters in the story, but these three stand out as the central agents on whom everything turns. The actions of these three are concerted, coordinated, and sometimes conjoined so that sometimes they can scarcely be distinguished; at other times they stand in a kind of opposition to each other.

As for the salvation they bring, it is not three salvations but one complex event happening in three ways, or as it sometimes seems one project undertaken by three agents. The New Testament epistles, each in their own way, all look back on and explain this threefold story, adding more layers of analysis and insight but not altering the fundamental shape of what happened in the life of Jesus.

This particular threefold formula is not the only possible summary of the story line of the Bible.

Other themes in salvation history could be highlighted. Even other threefold patterns could be discerned: exodus, exile, and resurrection suggests itself.


Much can be gained from investigations that give prominence to these other themes, but what I am describing here is how to read the salvation history witnessed in Scripture in such a way as to reach the doctrine of the Trinity. The stories of kingdom or covenant, of exodus, exile, and resurrection, could remain personally undisclosed except insofar as his faithfulness to stand reliably behind his actions suggests something about him.

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