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What's more, parents report that their infants sleep better and feed more easily when they haven't experienced birth trauma. With the Mongan Method parents can take control of the greatest and most important event of their lives. This is not hocus-pocus, this is science. This collection of stories that celebrate the beauty and power of giving birth comes from women of indigenous communities, of diverse socioeconomic classes and religions, in urban and rural settings.

Partners describe the awe of watching a loved one bring new life into the world, children write sweetly about getting a baby brother or sister, and midwives and doulas tell us what it is like to aid women on their journeys. In the Spirit of Homebirth presents birth as a physical action as well as a sacred act, an expression of deep love and of belief in the power of the human spirit. Homebirth is a choice, and In the Spirit of Homebirth tells us why women from all walks of life and their families make this choice today when they have the right to give birth as they wish.

In the Spirit of Homebirth presents homebirth, not as an archaic practice but as a remarkably contemporary expression of a long tradition and a profoundly empowering and joyous event. What you need to know to have the best birth experience for you. An educational birth film that tells the story of seven mothers and their emotional journeys to natural childbirth. Beautifully filmed, the DVD presents the views and experiences of mothers, their partners including one lesbian couple , midwives, an obstetrician and a childbirth educator.

Pain, safety and fear are all addressed in this compelling film. Toni Olson, illustrated by S. Hypnotherapist and experienced doula Sophie Fletcher shares with you the secrets to having a safe, natural and positive birth. Using a powerful combination of mindfulness, hypnosis and relaxation techniques, Sophie will ensure you feel genuinely excited and completely prepared for birth.

With stories from women who have successfully used the tools in this book, and downloadable hypnosis and relaxation tracks, discover how to:. Candid interviews, real labor footage and a diverse collection of mothers and birth experiences will keep viewers entertained and informed as they prepare for their own birth experience. This inspiring minute program follows five women through the miraculous process of birth.

Features a natural birth, and induced epidural birth, and the vaginal birth of twins. Many mothers-to-be find themselves torn between choosing a natural childbirth with minimal medical intervention, and the peace of mind offered by instant access to life-saving technology that only a hospital can provide. Cynthia Gabriel, a doula who has attended hundreds of births and who advises hospitals on how to facilitate low-intervention childbirths, knows that new moms can have both.

In Natural Hospital Birth , Gabriel gives moms, as well as partners and even medical personnel, concise and reassuring guidance on how to have as natural a birth as possible in a hospital setting. Gabriel shows expectant mothers how to avoid unnecessary medical interventions, how to take the initiative and consciously prepare for the kind of birth they want, and how to prepare a birth plan to share with doctors and nurses at the hospital. This program uses state-of-the art 3-D animation of fetal rotation and descent, to show moms and their support people the benefits of walking, sitting, forward leaning, side-lying and more throughout labor and birth.

Available for the first time in full color, the up-to-date and authoritative pregnancy guide that has sold 1. Parents love this book because it puts them in control; experts love it because it's based on the latest medical research and recommendations from leading health organizations. Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Newborn provides the information and guidance you need to make informed decisions about having a safe and satisfying pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period — decisions that reflect your preferences, priorities, and values.

Unlike pregnancy guides that can overwhelm and alarm by telling you up front all the things that can possibly go wrong, this book first describes normal, healthy processes, their typical variations, and the usual care practices for monitoring them.

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Only then does it cover possible complications and the care practices and procedures for resolving them. Throughout, the presentation is crystal-clear, the tone is reassuring, and the voice is empowering. And the language is inclusive, reflecting today's various family configurations such as single-parent families, blended families formed by second marriages, families with gay and lesbian parents, and families formed by open adoption or surrogacy. From sensible nutrition advice to realistic birth plans, from birth doulas when desired to caesareans when needed, from reducing stress during pregnancy to caring for yourself as well as your baby after birth, this pregnancy guide speaks to today's parents-to-be like no other.

The Simple Guide to Having a Baby. The simple way to learn about pregnancy, giving birth, and caring for your baby. This accessible, easy-to-read guide is a simplified version of the best-selling Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Newborn for expectant parents who want only the most important, need-to-know, how-to information. The book tells readers: how to stay healthy during pregnancy, how to handle labor pain and birth, and how to care for a new baby.

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Using clear and simple language, it includes:. Sexual abuse and the reactions to it affect mothers' whole lives—from thinking about having children all the way to being grandmothers. These effects are far-reaching and deeply felt. Survivor Moms shares narrative excerpts from interviews with women who have survived abuse; along with the clinical perspectives of midwives and contributions from other healthcare professionals.

Whether you are a survivor, a midwife, a mental health provider, or you know a survivor who is on this path, you will learn from this book about mothering and the ongoing journey of healing and surviving.

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As an intelligent woman, you are probably used to learning as much as you can before making major decisions. But when it comes to one of the most important decisions of your life--how you will give birth—it is hard to gather accurate, unbiased information.

Surprisingly, much of the research does not support common medical opinion and practice. Birth activist Henci Goer gives clear, concise information based on the latest medical studies. The Thinking Woman's Guide to a Better Birth helps you compare and contrast your various options and shows you how to avoid unnecessary procedures, drugs, restrictions, and tests. The book covers:. The second edition of this award-winning program includes current, evidence-based information, all new footage, and an overall fresh look.

As viewers follow the featured families from pregnancy through postpartum, they see a variety of labor experiences, including a natural birth, interventions, and an unplanned cesarean section. The package includes a Facilitator Guide that provides discussion questions and information about the featured families. Waiting for the Sun. Each summer day Mollie wakes up, waits for the prairie sun to rise, and hopes that today the baby will be born.

Waiting for the baby is like waiting for the sun to come up in the morning — it takes its own sweet time. Finally, in the middle of the night, the midwife comes over and soon after, the baby arrives! His eyes are squeezed shut and his face is wrinkled and red. But when she holds her new brother he opens his eyes and looks right at her. Mollie can't help but smile.

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Together, they watch the sun come up, and Mollie decides this is quite enough for now. The human rights in childbirth movement is gathering pace and followers across the globe. From Venezuela to the UK, via America and Uganda, activists, midwives, mothers, doctors and lawyers are coming together to offer rights-based solutions to the problems in maternity care. Just what are human rights though?


How do they apply to pregnancy and birth? What happens when dignity is absent? And how are innovators and educators using human rights principles to revolutionise care for the next generation of women?

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  • Why Human Rights in Childbirth Matter will bust myths around human rights, explain what your rights in pregnancy and birth are, how caregivers can champion them and provide practical inspiration for mothers, caregivers and campaigners working to improve birth for all women across the world. The blend of Eloise Greenfield's poetry and Daniel Minter's art evokes heartfelt appreciation of the abilities of African-American midwifes over the course of time. Your Best Birth.

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    Expectant and birthing mothers are often left feeling powerless, as their instincts are replaced by drugs and routine medical procedures. You have a choice, and you have the power to plan the kind of birth that's right for you — whether it is at a birth center, a hospital, or at home. The book includes inspiring birth stories and is packed with crucial advice from childbirth professionals, all delivered in a down-to-earth, engaging voice. Your Best Birth is sure to renew your confidence and put the control back where it belongs: with you!

    Please contact Parentbooks for Performance Rights prices for professionals. Sibling Silly DVD.

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